13 Reasons Why trigger warning masterpost

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It’s been the talk of the past few weeks: the ‘13 Reasons Why’ series on Netflix. ‘13 Reasons why follows’ the storyline as written in the book by Jay Asher that was published in 2007. The show follows teenager Clay Jensen, in his quest to uncover the story behind his classmate and crush, Hannah, and her decision to end her life. With suicide being the main topic of the show, it can possibly be an emotional and tough watch, since the show tries to portray suicide as realistic as possible. After seeing requests on Tumblr, I have collected all the trigger warnings I could find, so everyone can watch safe and avoid the triggers that might be difficult for them to see.

These triggers build up from small things like vomiting, to very intense rape scenes and a suicide scene. While some might find certain small things not that triggering, I’ve done my best to collect everything someone listed it as possibly triggering. Episode 9, 10, 12 and 13 come with an automatic warning before the episode, other episodes do not.

Episode 3
Sexual harassment and assault: Around 42:50, a guy grabs a girls butt without her permission.
Vomiting: After drinking too much, a guys throw up while his parents are having dinner at 50:50.
Drowning: Someone lets himself fall in the pool and appears to be drowning, timestamps 52:50-54:05.

Episode 5
Graphic scars and blood: The main male character has a bad dream about Hannah from 03:15 to 03:40. His shirt gets covered in blood, her wrists are cut open and bleeding. After that, a girl stabs her with a knife. The dream stops right before that.

Episode 6
Sexual assault: At the Dollar Valentine’s date, a guy tries to get his hand between a girl’s legs to impress his friends. She does not want this and pushes him away. This small moment lasts from 40:45-41:10.
Violence: 04:00 minutes into the episode, the character named Alex gets beaten up. Later in the episode we see him with some cuts/bruises in his face and a black eye.

Episode 7
Graphic scars and blood: The main male character suffers from hallucinations and imagines Hannah laying death during a baseball game. She is seen covered in a big puddle of blood at 28:30, a zoomed-in shot shows her writs are cut open. The moment of the hallucination is finished around 29:00.

Episode 9
Rape: The rape of a girl at a party is shown multiple times during this episode. There are small flashes seen in the episode, but also a much longer moment where the girl is being raped and this is filmed from the perspective of the girl. Triggering moments would be 31:20 – 32:40, 38:50 – 42:35, 46:40 – 47:02 and 50:20 – 51:20.

Episode 10
Car crash: the episode opens with a car crash, one man is carried in an ambulance in critical condition, we learn that the other driver did not survive.
Blood: As we flash back to the car crash, we see the driver who did not survive covered in blood. While the boy who found him tells his parents, we see short flashbacks around 40:00-41:20 that contain a lot of blood.
Rape: There are flashbacks of the rape scene from episode 9. These flashbacks mostly get shown when the party is concerned. When a drunk girl sits in a car, around 08:40 she has vivid flashbacks of seeing the rape happening.

Episode 11
Suicide: There is a suicide attempt from 40:40-41:26, a character stands close to a cliff, wanting to jump. Next time we see him, his friend talks him out of it. The thought of suicide is also mentioned several times in this episode.
Graphic scars: At 30:57 we see a moment from around 5 seconds in which a girl has scars on her wrist from self-harming herself.

Episode 12
Rape: There is a very graphic depiction of rape in this episode. There’s also a lot of rape mentioned in this episode, and during the aftermath a guy confesses the rape after he beat up the main male character. It is hard to avoid all the rape talk in this episode, but you can skip through the flashbacks of it happening by skipping 00:40-01:10 and 42:15-47:30.

Episode 13
Suicide, blood and self harm: Episode 13 can be a very triggering episode to watch. In this episode we see how Hannah used the razors from her parent’s store to cut open her wrists. She bleeds to death in a bathtub, where her mother finds her covered in blood. All of it is very graphic and actually shown on screen. If you cannot watch the suicide, please skip 35:45 – 39:00. Even if you don’t watch your screen during the scene, just the sound can also be very intense.

If you are struggling or need to talk, you can visit http://13reasonswhy.info for help.

Voor Nederlandse lezers: ik plaats de Nederlandse versie van deze post over een paar dagen!

2 thoughts on “13 Reasons Why trigger warning masterpost

  1. I’m not a fan of the book or the show but I feel like posting trigger warnings for a show that’s literally about suicide is kinda self-defeating. I don’t agree with the way the book portrays depression/suicide and I couldn’t get through the first episode of the show, but I think the whole point of it was to open up the conversation about things that are triggering. So to list all the potentially offensive/triggering things? Just seems a little unnecessary.


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